Ledge Logic developed the Dredge Boom out of necessity. Like many of you, we have been trying to fish dredges like the bigger boats do, without sacrificing all of the benefits that a center console has to offer. We searched far and wide for a product we could purchase to fulfill our needs. We couldn't find one. So we built what wanted!

We built our Dredge Boom with these thoughts in mind:
1. keeping our dredge setup all-in-one lessened the mess
2. it needed to make use of tackle that many fishermen already own. Our booms attach to aftco, pac bay, and stuart butts.
3. It had to be rugged
4. It had to break down and setup easy
5. It needed to work from either port or starboard side without modification
6. It needed to work with electric or conventional reels
7. It should allow the dredges to be removed enough from the water to land fish without swinging wildly
8. It had to be easy to clear when necessary.   
9. IT HAD TO WORK!!! And let me tell you it does... The way we have this setup a captain can clear both the dredges while the anglers work on the fish... Limiting required personnel made our experience so much better!