• 6' Dredge Boom


    The 6' Dredge Boom was designed for single or twin engine outboard and single engine inboards boats. All of our Dredge Booms come standard with several key features. The integrated multi-position base allows the Dredge Boom to fish from either side of the boat and seamlessly attach to Aftco, Stuart, and Pacific Bay #4 (80lb Class) or #6 (130lb class) rod butts. The #4 and #6 booms are structurally the same, they just have different ferrules to mate to different butts. All of our Dredge Booms are welded and finished to exacting standards creating a strong, durable, and clean product. We also use the best components including High grade aluminum, Harken blocks, Stainless steel spring clips, and high grade stainless steel attachment points. The Boom comes standard with a 1" Harken Block. Second "A-Frame" pulley and support cable sold separately. Call for rushed delivery or international shipping. US Patent 10,561,132