Hooker Electric 0 Degree Heavy Duty Swivel Base Rod Holder with 9″ pin option and hardware kit


Hooker Electric’s heavy duty flush mount swivel or fixed base fishing boat rod holders are 1/4″ thick 4″ x 5″ top plate. Hooker Electric’s custom flush mount rod holders feature a wide low profile cap for excellent mounting strength and to enhance the appearance of any boat. 100% welded cap to tube joint, an assembly assured to never break! Accommodates #2, #4, #6 rod butts in gunnels up to 1-3/4” thick. 11″ deep with 2.125″ diameter rod tubes. Includes 1/8″ thick 316 annealed stainless steel backing plate and safety line clip that can be positioned from any mounting bolt. Unique to the industry, both the 0 & 15 degree models include a removable pin at 9″ deep on the tube, inserted before installation. Includes a leash connector to tether the reel to the rod holder as precaution against accidental loss. Purchase does not include stainless bolts, lock nuts and Delrin® washers for a maximum strength installation.

Primarily designed to be used with bent butt tackle, the rod holders unique swivel base allows the rod butt to rotate in the rod holder when side pressure is applied to the tip of the rod. The rod is more easily removed from the holder since it is not locked on a rigid pin. The swivel base holder functions as a standard rod holder when used with straight butt rods. Straight butt rods can be manually rotated so that the line remains on the tip’s roller. The amount of torque required to rotate the swivel is set by adjusting the pressure on two Delrin® drag washers with a ½ inch stainless steel lock nut at the bottom of the rod holder. White vinyl liner protects rods and is keyed with the gimbal bar to eliminate liner twist.